Today is almost over

So.. bed soon.. thank god!!

Groggily dragged myself out of bed this morning because, not only did I have to go to work, but I had to take the Skodamobile in for it’s MOT and it was absolutely bogging (norn irish for very very dirty). I have tried really hard to get it washed this week but all the car washes that I went to were closed because of snow build up?? So it wasn’t my fault!! I had to leave it for Pete (pete.. resident car mechanic. I pay him a standing order every month to keep my car on the road. I don’t really.. but I might as well! He does something to it every bloody month!) so I left a nice note to say sorry for it being bogging.

So.. I got a lift into work and all was good. Got a cup of tea and turned my computer on. Which promptly turned itself off again. I tried again. It wasn’t having any of it. I felt it’s pain, I don’t enjoy waking up either, but I was on limited time this morning and had a to-do list as long as your arm. Anyway, after half an hour of this on-off thing we deduced that it was properly buggered. I suddenly worried about all the pictures of cats in clothes, Richard Armitage, Hugh Jackman, Gerrard Butler, Jimmy Nesbitt, Bradley Cooper etc etc  photos I’d been downloading and printing off for my “productivity inspiring” wall behind my desk. (It’s management speak ok!)

So anyway. I couldn’t use my computer so thought I’d do other work instead. But I’d left the keys to both my drawers with the mechanic….

I was slightly frustrated, and on only one cup of tea, you can imagine the form I was in.

I got over all that when I had to leave the office to do out and about things. Went to Doncaster and miraculously found a parking space straight away which, a week before Christmas, is no mean feat in Donny. And THEN a really nice lady nipped out of her car and gave me her parking ticket and said there’s an hour left. I was chuffed. Of course for a change I had actually remembered to get change out of my cow money box as I knew I’d be parking. But nonetheless, saved me £1.10 so happy days.I quickly looked to check and it was something and 59 minutes and the ticket ran out at something and 58 minutes so pretty much bang on an hour.

Came back with a minute or 2 to spare and saw the telltale red plastic envelope on my windscreen. My brain didn’t compute. I literally looked at it and looked at my watch 4 times. Then I looked at the ticket the benevolent soul had passed on. It ran out at the time she gave me it!! Now, either she is more of a bimbo than me, or she is just evil. Either way I am sure karma will get her!

I wonder what sort of payback being the cause of someone getting a ticket would be. I have asked the room this question. My housemate/landlady has offered “squashed by a tram.” I said that’s not proportionate is it really so she then offered up “leprosy.” I wouldn’t want her to die.. necessarily. Well.. not now, I’m less angry than before.

In other, better news, my car passed MOT, after he put 2 bulbs in it. Yey for the Skodamobile saving the day, and my mood, and those around me.

Oh and mr landlady had the sterling idea of having Pizza Hut for tea which was good.

I was going to have a bath, specifically so I could avoid the Royal Variety Performance, but what a fantastic ranting opportunity watching this drivel gives me.

I’ll be back later :o)




ps.. I’m still waiting on my Simon’s Cat mug!! Bloody snow.


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