So long Master Blagger

Tragically.. Stuart Master Blagger Baggs, the Brand.. did not make it into the final 2.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bad luck matey

Took Al long enough to see through you, and of course it took Dame Margaret the Great to show him the light, but at least he got there in the end.

Can I just point out at this time, because I don’t want it to be misinterpreted in any way.. I call him Master Blagger, not because he is a master at anything, but because he is barely out of puberty.

I was very excited about tonight’s show. I love the interviews. It is my very very favourite part of the process (if you have stumbled upon this, and don’t watch the Apprentice, don’t read any further, this will all be total gibberish). I love the uncomfortableness of it, the crawling, the backtracking, the defensiveness, and the many different shades of red even the coolest candidates can turn. Apart from Stella, because she is awesome. Stella to win!

DM the G was fantastic, oh how we miss her. Tonight was the most words Karen Brady has strung together in all the shows put together. I thought she was only there as some business totty but apparently she has noticed things, and she went up in my estimations when she quite vehemently defended Stella. Plus she had quite a nice green dress on.

Claude (he’s the chubby looking interviewer who I find a little bit attractive, which disturbs me) was incredibly rude, but it was directed at Master Blagger so that’s ok, but normally, refusing to shake someone’s hand is the height of dismissiveness. If he’d done it to Jamie I’d have shouted at the telly!

Anyway I did a proper cheer when Master Blagger got fired. He really is an irritating little sh!t. I cannot mean that more sincerely. I’m sorry to swear, I know its not big and it’s not clever, but this is the level Stuart reduces me to.

I have pretty much disliked Joanna the whole way through the series, with her bolshie-talking-over-everyone ways. But then I watched the programme all about the final 5 and she did grow on me. Tonight I actually felt sorry for her when she was fired. I do think the show would be much better with some apt music. Like “bye bye baby” or “hit the road jack”.

Not much else to say about tonight’s Apprentice except the best 2 got through I think.

Also, how can Chris have such blue eyes, and Dame Margaret the Great too. Are they photoshopped during editing?? It is very distracting.

I didn’t watch any other telly tonight. Oh, a bit of an old Top Gear, but other than Richard Hammond’s hair (looking more like Ritchie Sambora every day) there’s no ranting to be done as TG is great.

Richard Hammond                                                                                                  Ritchie Sambora

Now onto some minor irritations that I’d just like to document:

Minor irritation number 1: I may have mentioned that I love tea. It is one of my most favourite things in the world ever. I can’t even be civil in the mornings until I’ve had a cup of tea, and often it takes up to 3 cups before I can carry out a whole conversation. Anyway.. a minor irritation is when you get to the bottom of a delicious brew and realise you’ve left the teabag in it. What is it about that that makes me want to just gag (except that I’d waste precious tea)?? It is so vile.

Minor irritation number 2: Local news. I hate local news. I hate local newsreaders, local reporters, local people. I hate how patronising it is. I hate that I sat up tonight because I knew there’d be a report on Royal Mail’s delivering-before-Christmas pledge, and I want to know where the hell my Simon’s Cat mug is, which was dispatched over a week ago. Anyway it told us that on average we send 75 Christmas cards through the post each year PER PERSON!! I don’t know anyone who sends 75 cards. I sent precisely 8 cards through the post, to people over at home. 8. I don’t think I know 75 people. If we assume there are a few people like me who send less than 10, that means there must be people who send over 100 cards through the post. 100 cards, even 2nd class is £32.00!! For a card which will be thrown in the bin.

Minor irritation number 3: Why do I wake up sometimes 3 minutes before the alarm goes off? I think I can go back to sleep and snuggle in and the alarm goes off, with it’s pretty guitar strumming repetitiveness. and THEN, why can’t I find the snooze button on it and it gets louder and louder. I really hate mornings…

Minor irritation number 4: Why was I able to get car insurance this year for less than £250 when my current insurers quoted me over £600 for all the same conditions? I’m not going further with this one as I’m trying very hard not to swear.

Ah.. rant over for today. Sleep now.



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